How to distinguish the role of laser welding machine welding?

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Most propbably is no stranger to the laser welding machine, laser welding machine began to widely used in various industrial category, all kinds of laser welding machine in the market now countless, although laser welding machine in use is very wide, but the manufacturers the most concern problem is how to distinguish bad welding quality, how to correct operation organ of laser welding in the welding effect is very important, So how to distinguish the welding effect of laser welding machine?

First, understand the welding method of laser welding machine

There are two commonly used laser welding methods, one is pulse laser welding, mainly used for the welding of single point fixed connection and book parts, forming a round welding spot when welding; The other is continuous laser welding, mainly used for welding and cutting thick parts, forming a continuous weld in the welding process. In general, the selection of welding data, laser welding machine selection, processing table selection, is the primary factor affecting the role of laser welding.

Second, the discrimination of ablation phenomenon in welding process

In the welding process, whether the melting phenomenon can be generated and the intensity of the phenomenon depends primarily on the time, power density and peak power of the surface of the laser action data. In laser welding machine welding, the beam focus orientation is one of the most critical control process parameters, in a certain laser power and welding speed, as long as the focus is in the most azimuth range can obtain the most deep and consistent shape of the weld.

Three, tensile strength monitoring

Can carry out tensile strength monitoring, and according to the results of the inspection to identify the problem of laser welding machine in the end. If there are problems such as poor welding and virtual welding of solder joints in the processing time, this time is not necessarily all the problems of the welding machine, perhaps the data is not suitable, in replacing the data or changing the setting of laser welding machine waveform welding again, and then the function evaluation.


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