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A wide range of industries

Cable and pipe industry
Our independently developed and produced 20W flying fiber laser marking machine is specialized in the cable and pipe industry, replacing traditional inks, and is more environmentally friendly, without consumables.
Flexible packaging industry
Our 4W, 10w green light flying laser marking system, aimed at soft packaging of snack food, bread, halogen products, biscuits, etc, can be used in low-speed, static, intermittently paused printing environments, and can also be used for rapid marking on assembly lines.
Rigid plastic packaging industry
Our 30W/60W CO2 10.6um and 9.3um flying laser marking system is aimed at plastic water bottles, various medicine box packaging, suitable for ultra-fast date marking, coding, QR code, etc. on the assembly line.
Glass bottle industry
Our 5W/10W UV flying laser marking system for various glass bottles and various packaging bags to mark LOGO, production date, anti-counterfeiting code, and accompany with the assembly line,speed is adjustable, no missing marking.
Yoga mat industry
Our large-format CO2 marking equipment adopts 3D method, glass tube 130W, processing width of 2m*2m, and completes the printing and marking of the entire yoga mat at one time.
Metal marking industry
Intelligent marking system, select high-end Raycus laser 20W 30w 50W, automatic focus, CCD positioning, rotary marking, one device can achieve many different functions, the smallest character can reach 0.5mm

Electronic industry and semiconductor industry 


Our self-developed precision welding system for the electronics industry and semiconductor industry. The soldering can be completed at one time, with no deformation and no damage to the bottom layer. Some difficulties that traditional reflow soldering cannot solve, replace manual soldering iron soldering and automatic soldering iron soldering. The high consistency of welding products ensures the production yield, improves production efficiency and avoids production safety problems caused by workers' eye fatigue.

Metal welding industry


1.The platform is automatically welded, which can realize four-axis to six-axis linkage control

2. Laser source 1000-6000W, different power lasers can be selected according to the requirements of penetration

3. Equipped with swing welding head, the light spot can be manually adjusted from 0-5mm to meet the technological requirements of different weld widths.

4. The laser source is maintenance-free and has a theoretical life of 100,000 hours.

5. The movement stroke can be customized according to the size of the customer's work piece.

6. CCD real-time monitoring of welding status, 10 times high-definition zoom display.

7. Can cooperate with the production line to customize the automatic loading and unloading assembly line.

8. It can be connected with the MAC system of the production line to exchange data transmission.


Jeans industry


Our large-format CO2 laser marking equipment, using glass tube 100W/130W, using ordinary focusing method, processing format can be 600*600mm, and can complete damaging hole and marking for jeans at one time, cost control is better than radio frequency tube, replacing traditional manual blade , High consistency, fast speed, diversified design.


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