How long do laser cleaning machines last?

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How long do laser cleaning machines last?

A laser cleaning machine is used very often in cleaning the contact area of plugs and pads, as well as in removing the insulation layer in cables in the electronics industry and in cleaning the surface of molds in rubber and tire manufacturing. If you have just purchased a laser cleaning machine for industrial or personal use, you may be wondering how to live a long and harmonious life with your expensive new equipment. So, how long does a laser cleaning machine typically last? Let me introduce that to you in the following contents.


Here is the content list:

What is the working cycle of different types of laser cleaning machines?

What is the life cycle of laser cleaning machines?


What is the working cycle of different types of laser cleaning machines?

Different types of laser cleaning machines generally have different working cycles, for example, the conveyor automatic laser cleaning machine and the robot automatic laser cleaning machine are allowed to operate 24/7 in the harshest industrial environment, which means the working cycle of these two types is almost endless. But, the condition is not the same for handheld and manually loaded laser cleaning machines, since the operation of these two types are done by a human, and humans just cannot work 24/7 in any cases. Therefore the working cycle of a handheld laser cleaning machine or a manually loaded laser cleaning machine depends on the operation speed of workers and the size of contaminated parts. Such fact makes the work cycle of these types range from several seconds to several hours.

What is the life cycle of laser cleaning machines?

Generally speaking, the laser source of a laser cleaning machine would last for at least 100,000 hours if there isn’t any manual destruction or operating mistake done to it. If you count it into years, then a laser cleaning machine with a high-quality laser light source can be expected to run continuously for at least 10 years. Just with minimal maintenance, it would not be a problem for a reliable laser cleaning machine to meeting the time requirement, even though they are powered by high power laser cleaning systems with up to 500 watts of power. Such as the laser cleaning machines produced by Infinite (Wuhan) laser S&T CO. LTD. There have been no examples of their laser cleaning machines not fulfilling the working life cycle requirement for almost fifteen years. Sometimes, maybe the handheld laser cleaning machine would not be so reliable as those fully automatic ones. Since there would be much more movements for the handheld laser cleaning machine than for the fully automatic one (they wouldn’t be moved around often just because of their weight and size), a bigger risk is faced by it.


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