what should be paid attention to when using laser cleaning machines?

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what should be paid attention to when using laser cleaning machines?

A laser cleaning machine has multiple usages in various industries since every industry needs to have their nice equipment to be cleaned occasionally. Specifically speaking, a laser cleaning machine is one type of machine that adopts the technique of Laser surface cleaning, which is the removal of contaminants or impurities on the surface of a substance by using laser irradiation. So, what should be paid attention to when using such a magical machine? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.


Here is the content list:

What safety measures or items should be prepared before using a laser cleaning machine?

What are the precautions of using a laser cleaning machine?


What safety measures or items should be prepared before using a laser cleaning machine?

A laser cleaning machine is relatively risk-free since the laser will not spray debris or other metal fragments into space nearby, but you still need to take some measures for safety when operating the tool. The first is that, before operating the cleaning laser, you should always receive training to ensure that you know how to use the equipment correctly and make the correct settings. Other than the training of operators there are many important safety foundations for laser cleaning: First, the laser safety enclosure or you can call it the housing of the laser cleaning machine, which helps to protect passers-by and operators from specular and diffuse reflections.  Second, the personal protective equipment: The use of lasers requires hazardous areas to be designated and many times a laser cleaning machine could be operated without housing, in this case, one should always wear laser safety glasses when entering an optically hazardous area where the laser is used. Third, when cleaning harmful paint contaminants with a laser cleaning machine there exist the risk of airborne contaminants. So, an air filter should be used inside the housing of a laser cleaning machine to minimize the risk.

What are the precautions of using a laser cleaning machine?

After introducing the safety measures for the operation of a laser cleaning machine, there are still some precautions that are needed to keep in mind before you start since there are still many ways to abuse safety regulations and cause harm to the operator or other individuals. First, never use a cleaning laser without protective glasses. Second, do not use the laser directly on the skin or body. Third, never using the laser cleaning machine In an uncontrolled environment. Fourth, never using a laser cleaning machine when there are unprotected individuals nearby. Fifth, never use the laser cleaning machine to do any other purpose other than the normal cleaning. Sixth, remember to use a laser cleaning machine when there is proper air filtration. Seventh, only using laser cleaning machines to clean non-metallic products such as wood, paper, or plastic under appropriate settings and in designated optically hazardous areas. Eighth, if a laser cleaning machine's cleaning solution uses the wrong settings, it may ignite your equipment. Last but not least, as with other high-voltage items, you also need proper training to avoid electric shock and learn other electrical precautions.


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