Will laser welding machines replace hydrogen arc welding?

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Will laser welding machines replace hydrogen arc welding?

Can laser welding completely replace argon arc welding? What do you think? Laser welding machine and argon arc welding after all which good?

First of all, what is laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine:

Laser welding machine, and is often called the laser welding, laser welding machine, which is using laser welding machine, according to the working methods can be divided into laser mold welder burning, automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, optical fiber transmission laser welding machine and so on machine, laser welding is the use of high-energy laser pulses to local heating in small area of material, The energy of laser radiation diffuses to the interior of the material through heat conduction and melts the material to form a specific molten pool for the purpose of welding.

Argon arc welding is tungsten inert gas arc welding, refers to the use of industrial tungsten or reactive tungsten as non-melting electrode, inert gas (argon) as a shielding gas of a welding method, referred to as TIG. Argon arc welding machine according to the different electrode is divided into melting argon arc welding machine and non-melting argon arc welding machine these two. Not melt electrode argon arc welding is in the melting pole (usually tungsten electrode) and workpiece between burning, around the welding arc flow through a chemical reaction with metal inert gas (argon) is commonly used, and form a protective gas mask, to the end of the tungsten electrode, arc and molten pool, and is in high temperature metal is exposed to air, can prevent oxidation and to absorb the harmful gas, Thus, dense welding joints can be formed, and their mechanical properties are very good. And the melting electrode argon arc welding wire is sent through the wire wheel, conductive mouth conductive, in the base metal and wire between the arc, so that the wire and the base metal melting, and inert gas argon to protect the arc and molten metal for welding. The difference between it and non-melting argon arc welding is that: one is the welding wire as the electrode (melting electrode), and is constantly melting into the pool, forming a weld after condensation; The other (non-molten electrode) is tungsten electrode for welding, welding is not molten. With the application of melting argon arc welding technology, the shielding gas has developed from a single argon gas to a wide range of mixed gases, such as Ar 80%+CO2 20% rich argon shielding gas. Usually the former is called MIG and the latter MAG. From the point of view of its operation mode, the most widely used is semi-automatic FGM and argon - rich mixture protection welding, followed by automatic FGM.

The advantages and disadvantages of laser welding machine and argon arc welding are compared from four aspects:

Welding speed: simple spot welding machine and automatic welding machine to classify, laser spot welding machine welding operation is simple, fast welding speed, non-melting argon arc welding operation is relatively difficult, and there are consumables, the welding speed is relatively slow. And the automatic laser welding machine and automatic melting argon arc welding welding speed is not very different, but because the melting argon arc welding or to melt wire, so the welding speed will be slightly slower than the automatic laser welding machine;

Welding depth: laser welding machine is through the laser melt welding of the material, but the laser in depth welding is a short board. It's not that laser deep welding can't work, it's just that it costs too much. For example: if you need 2.0 mm stainless steel plate welding, if use laser welding machine, so it will take at least 500 w of optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, the price is about hundreds of, and argon arc welding machine can weld to commonly so thick stainless steel plate, but the price is cheap as long as a few hundred pieces, automatic argon arc welding is 8. So if you want to weld very thick materials need deep melting depth, with laser welding machine is generally not cost-effective;

Welding effect: all useless, good welding effect is really good. Laser spot welding machine is more beautiful than non-melting argon arc welding welding appearance, automatic laser welding machine and automatic argon arc welding machine welding appearance is similar, thin material welding laser welding better look. Welding fastness, laser welding machine as long as the power is large enough, it can be welded very firmly, and argon arc welding. But the heat of the laser welding machine is more concentrated, and the thermal deformation of the material is small, so the laser welding machine has more advantages in welding thin-wall materials. Accuracy is also the laser welding machine has higher accuracy, and the laser welding machine basically does not need to do other processing after welding, more time and trouble saving.

Operation difficulty: the operation of laser spot welding machine is much less difficult than the operation of non-melting argon arc welding, in fact, argon arc welding is very need technology, skilled argon arc welding operators, and also prone to errors, but laser welding is much better, simple operation, even if there is a mistake, the problem is not big. But the operation of automatic laser welding and automatic argon arc welding is not difficult, all need computer control.

Environmental pollution: laser welding has no harm to workers or the environment, argon arc welding has little impact on the environment, but because of the high heat and strong light generated in the welding process, it will cause certain influence and even harm to workers' bodies.

Conclusion: it is better to use laser welding machine for welding thin wall materials, welding thick materials, if there is no high requirement for welding speed and welding accuracy, it is more cost-effective to use argon arc welding machine, but if you don't care about the cost, it is better to use laser welding machine.

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