What materials cannot be cut on a laser welding machine?

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What materials cannot be cut on a laser welding machine?

The laser welding machine is a piece of very common welding equipment. Laser welding machine mainly uses a high-energy laser pulse to heat the material locally. The energy radiated by the laser diffuses to the material through heat conduction. After the material is melted, the characteristic molten pool is formed to achieve the purpose of welding. Laser welding machines with fast welding speed, high precision, high efficiency, weld smooth and beautiful, and other advantages become a new industrial technology in industrial welding processing. The laser welding machine is widely used, laser welding machine can weld a lot of materials. But what materials cannot be cut on a laser welding machine? Here are some answers.


Laser welding machine can weld carbon steel, die steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver, and other metals and their alloys, and steel, Kovar alloy, and other alloys of the same material welding can also meet the laser welding between different steel. However, the welding requirements are relatively high, cannot be too thick, the seam cannot be too large, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and other reflective rate are more difficult to weld.


The Laser welding machine has limited welding thickness, suitable for thin material welding. The laser welding machine has requirements for welding items joint, the smaller the gap, the better. Laser welding machine also has certain limitations on welding materials, stainless steel is the best welding, but like copper, aluminum, high reflective rate of products are not suitable. Product parts too large is not suitable, because the laser welding machine working platform is limited, the car can be used manipulator welding, but the investment is very large. Materials with high reflectivity and those that do not absorb heat at the laser wavelength are not suitable.


The laser welding machine is not only used for galvanized, silicon steel sheet, low melting point materials and hard alloy, all kinds of metal materials, copper, aluminum made of workpiece can also be processed, all kinds of series and thickness of steel material. The laser welding machine is mainly used in metal welding, mainly for stainless steel, iron plate material, and other industries to achieve high-quality welding process.


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