What materials cannot be cut on a laser cleaning machine?

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What materials cannot be cut on a laser cleaning machine?

laser cleaning machines work base on the principle of laser. So, materials that cannot be or not suitable to be cut by laser are not suitable to be cut on a laser cleaning machine. Typically speaking, a laser cleaning machine is one type of machine that adopts the technique of Laser surface cleaning, which is the removal of contaminants or impurities on the surface of a substance by physically removing the upper layer using laser irradiation. So what are the materials that cannot be cut on a laser cleaning machine?


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What is the working principle of laser?

What are the materials that are hard to cut or clean by a laser?

What is the working principle of laser?

The device that generates a laser typically consists of a gain medium, an energy source for exciting energy, and an optical resonator that provides optical feedback. The gain medium is a material with properties that allow energy storage. This energy will be converted into heat or cause random emission of optical particles, which are named photons. The laser effect is based on stimulated emission, which forces the gain medium to emit the same photons as the photons originally present in the medium. The integration of the gain medium between the two reflective parts of the optical cavity helps to amplify a given laser wavelength. The laser wavelength corresponds to the colour of the laser, although industrial lasers are actually invisible to the human eye.


What are the materials that are hard to be cut by laser or cleaned by a laser?

Multiple types of materials can be cut via laser, for example, metal. But there still exist some materials that are hard to be cut by laser. Plastic is hard to be cut by laser since each plastic has different material properties, it is hard to choose the right light spectrum. Also, laser irradiation can produce direct chemical modification, melting and evaporation of plastics. Glass is another type of material that is hard to be cut by laser since it is a brittle material and heating it with a laser usually produces thermomechanical effects that result in microcracks. However, it is feasible to cut thin glass with a high pulse laser. Another main kind of material that does not go well with laser is Ceramics. The general properties of ceramics are high melting temperatures and high hardness. They are like glasses and are difficult to cut due to their tendency to explode. All of these materials that I mentioned above is actually suitable for cleaning by a laser cleaning machine since such type of machine only cleans out the top layer of the material and do not hurt the substrate of the materials. Every pulse of the laser is automatically calculated, so there is no worry to hurt your nice materials.


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