What is the difference between optical fiber/CO2 / UV laser coding machine?

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Fiber laser coding machine

Fiber laser coding machines use fiber lasers to project laser beams onto surfaces of many different materials. Surface materials are physically or chemically altered by light energy to carve out designs, logos and words. A marking device for permanent marking. Its components include: fiber laser, laser galvanometer, objective, industrial computer, display, cabinet, control switch, power supply, ruler and lifting shaft, etc. MOPA laser markers are also a type of fiber laser marker.

CO2 laser printer

CO2 laser printer (CO2 laser printer) uses a gas laser with an infrared band of 10.64μm. CO2 gas is pumped into a high voltage discharge tube to produce a glow discharge, which causes the gas molecules to release the laser, and the laser energy is amplified to form a pair. A laser beam used for material processing that vaporizes the surface of the processed object for sculpting purposes.

UV laser printer

UV laser printer uses a 355nm UV laser to irradiate a laser beam on the surface of a variety of different substances, and directly destroys the molecular chain of the substance through a short-wavelength laser, thus carving patterns, trademarks and words. A marking device for permanent marking.

The differences between optical fiber, carbon dioxide and ultraviolet laser marker are as follows:

1. Different laser source: fiber laser inkjet coding machine using fiber laser, carbon dioxide laser inkjet coding machine using carbon dioxide gas laser, ultraviolet laser marking machine using short-wavelength ULTRAVIOLET laser.

Ultraviolet laser is a completely different technology from carbon dioxide and fiber laser. Ultraviolet laser is also called blue laser beam. The technology has low calorific value. It does not heat materials such as fibers and CO2 laser printers. The surface is carved with cold light.

2. The laser wavelength is different: the laser wavelength of fiber jet printer is 1064nm, the laser wavelength of carbon dioxide laser jet printer is 10.64μm, and the laser wavelength of ULTRAVIOLET laser marking machine is 355nm.

3. Different application fields: CO2 laser inkjet machine is suitable for engraving most non-metallic materials as well as paper, wood, leather, cloth and other metal products...... Fiber laser printer is suitable for engraving most metal materials as well as some non-metallic materials of metal products, UV laser printer can clearly mark all plastic and other materials that have adverse reactions to heat. It is particularly suitable for applications such as marking, microperforation, high-speed cutting of glass materials and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers and wafers used in food and drug packaging materials.

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