What is a laser marking machine?

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What is a laser marking machine?

Laser marking technology is one of the laser processing technologies. Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize or change the color of the surface material and perform permanent marking. Laser marking can produce different words, symbols and patterns.


Laser marking machine came into being, and laser marking machine is mainly used in some occasions requiring fine and high precision. For example, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), mobile communications, hardware products, precision equipment, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, this article will introduce you to the laser marking machine in detail.


The following is a list of contents:

·working principle

·Composition structure



working principle

The laser marking machine irradiates permanent marks on the surface of various materials through a laser beam. The process of marking is to reveal deep-seated materials through the evaporation of surface materials, and engrave exquisite patterns and texts.


Composition structure

Laser power supply

The laser power supply of the laser marking machine is a device that supplies power to the laser, and its input voltage is AC220V. It is installed in the control box of the laser marking machine.



Laser marking machines usually use imported pulsed lasers. Because of their good output laser mode and long service life, they are installed in the casing of the marking machine.


Galvo scanning system

The galvanometer scanning system of the laser marking machine consists of an optical scanner and a servo control system. The entire system is designed and manufactured through new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new working principles.


The working mode of the optical scanner adopts moving magnetic declination. It has the advantages of large scanning angle, large peak torque, large load inertia, short electromechanical time, fast working speed, and strong stability. The recoil mechanism of the precision bearing can provide radial runout error between the axial directions of the super bottom. The "electronic torsion bar" replaces the traditional torsion bar of the laser marking machine, greatly improving the service life of the laser marking machine and improving the reliability of long-term work. Maintaining any zero-power working principle can not only reduce power consumption but also reduce the heating of the equipment and save the constant temperature of the equipment. Advanced high stability and high precision position detection sensor technology brings high linearity, high resolution, high repeatability, and low drift performance.


The scanning system of the optical scanner is divided into the X direction and the Y direction, and the laser mirror is fixed on each servo motor shaft. Each servo motor of the laser marking machine is controlled by a digital signal from a computer to control its scanning track.


Focusing system

The function of the focusing system is to focus the parallel laser beam on one point. Mainly use f-theta lens. Different f-theta lenses have different focal lengths and different marking effects and ranges. The laser marking machine uses an imported high-performance focusing system. The standard lens focal length f = 160mm, the effective scanning range is Φ110mm. Users can choose the appropriate model of lens according to their needs.

The optional F-θ lens is:

f = 100mm, the effective focus range is Φ65mm.

f = 160mm, the effective focus range is Φ110mm.


Computer control system

The computer control system is the control and command center of the entire laser marking machine and the carrier when installing the software. Through the cooperative operation of the acousto-optic modulation system and the galvanometer scanning system, the marking of the workpiece is completed.

The computer control system of laser marking machine mainly includes chassis, motherboard, CPU, hard disk, memory stick, D/A card, floppy disk drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.



Common laser marking machines on the market include CO2 laser marking machines. There are fiber laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines.


With the development of science and technology, laser marking machines in the electronics industry are becoming more and more accepted by people. Its characteristics are very obvious: integrated design, small size, low power consumption, long life, high efficiency, maintenance-free and high-quality laser beam with small spots and no consumables.


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