What is a laser cleaning machine?

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What is a laser cleaning machine?

A laser cleaning machine is used very often in cleaning the contact area of plugs and pads, as well as in removing the insulation layer in cables in the electronics industry and in cleaning the surface of moulds in rubber and tire manufacturing. Briefly speaking, laser cleaning machine is one type of machine that adopts the technique of Laser surface cleaning, which is the removal of contaminants or impurities on the surface of a substance by physically removing the upper layer using laser irradiation. So, what exactly is a laser cleaning machine and what are the advantages of using such a machine compared with the traditional cleaning methods?


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What is the working principle of laser cleaning machines?

What are the advantages of using a laser cleaning machine?


What is the working principle of laser cleaning machines?

Before we heading to talk about the advantages of using laser cleaning machines, I think we should first figure out how exactly does this magical machine work. The working principle of a laser cleaning machine is not hard to understand, when we start a laser cleaning machine, very short laser pulses of high power are aimed at the surface to be cleaned. The applied laser energy will ablate the surface. When part of the removed material is vaporized, some residues are still granular dust, which will be collected in the filter system. Besides, to clean the substance more thoroughly, the laser cleaning machine would automatically repeat this process until it successfully reaches the desired depth and area.


What are the advantages of using a laser cleaning machine?

There are many benefits of using a laser machine to remove contaminants from products. In general, this magical machine not only helps you speed up the production/maintenance process but also provides you with a cost-effective solution. Here are some other advantages of using a laser cleaning machine to do rust removal on metal and contaminants removal on non-metal substrates: First, the laser rust removal method is largely automated and can be easily controlled from a remote location. Besides, automation and integration with existing systems provide companies with simple and technology-savvy investments. Second, the laser cleaning process is chemical-free. This makes the laser cleaning machine safer to use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Third, the chemical composition of the material will not change with laser cleaning since the full process is one-hundred per cent physical. This makes laser cleaning technology the first choice for cleaning chemical safety containers. Fourth, The final product after laser cleaning is much finer than other cleaning methods such as sandblasting, which would have a high possibility of damaging the substrate. Fifth, using a laser cleaning machine would reduce the total manpower and working time. Therefore, you can save your time and money at the same time. Last but not least, the laser cleaning method is easier to perform precise and spot cleaning. as using a laser cleaning machine is easier to reach the corners and corners of complex design objects than other cleaning methods.


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