What are the main functions of the laser cutting machine?

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What are the main functions of the laser cutting machine?

The laser cutting machine has played an important role in people's production activities, so it has become an indispensable part of the current production and processing field. The laser cutting machine has many functions and is currently widely used in many fields, covering many industries, and it is one of the necessary equipment for many enterprises. Laser-cutting machines can be seen everywhere in metal processing factories and can cut all kinds of metal materials. Here we will introduce several main functions of laser cutting machines. With these practical functions, it can greatly improve the processing efficiency and cutting level.

The following is a list of contents:


·Bridge position (micro connection)

·Automatic focusing

·Centralized perforation

·Automatic edge finding



Leapfrogging is an empty way. The machine "empty" running is called idling, and the trajectory of the cutting head's idling motion is the arc of the frog jumping, which is called frog jumping.

In the development of laser cutting machines, leapfrogging is a key technological advancement. Leapfrogging takes only the time from point A to point B, saving the time of ascent and descent. Leapfrogging catches food; the leapfrogging of a laser cutting machine “captures” high efficiency.


Bridge position (micro connection)

When the laser cutting machine is processing, the material will be blocked by the serrated support bar, and the cut workpiece, if it is not small enough, it cannot fall from the gap; on the contrary, it is not big enough, and it cannot be supported by the support bar; laser cutting machine You will lose your balance. The cutting head moving at high speed may collide with it. In some cases, the laser cutting machine cannot run, In severe cases, the cutting head may be damaged. This phenomenon can be avoided by using the bridge position (micro-connection) cutting process.

When programming the graphics for laser cutting, the closed contours are intentionally disconnected in several places, so that the parts and the surrounding materials will not fall off after the cutting is completed. These disconnections are the bridges. This procedure can eliminate the work of sorting.



When the laser cutting machine cuts different kinds of materials, it is required that the focus of the laser beam must fall on different positions of the cross-section of the workpiece. When processing workpieces of different materials and thicknesses, the machine will automatically adjust the focus to the appropriate position. With the automatic focusing function, the processing capacity of the laser cutting machine is greatly improved.


Concentrated piercing

Concentrated perforation, is a processing technology, but not the function of the laser cutting machine itself. During the piercing process, heat builds up around the piercing point. If continuous cutting is performed, the laser cutting machine will experience burnout. The so-called centralized piercing is to perform all the piercing processes in advance, and then return to perform the cutting process. Therefore, there is sufficient time for heat dissipation during the process, thereby reducing over-burning. Concentrated piercing is also risky. If a collision occurs accidentally during the cutting process, causing the position of the plate to change, the uncut part may be scrapped. Therefore, the centralized perforation process requires the assistance of an automatic programming system.


Automatic edge finding

When the sheet is placed on the worktable, if the laser cutting machine is skewed, it will cause waste during cutting. However, if you can perceive the inclination angle and origin of the laser cutting machine sheet, you can adjust the cutting process to correspond to the angle and position of the sheet, to avoid sheet waste. With the help of the automatic edge finding function, the laser cutting machine saves the time of adjusting the workpiece earlier and improves the working efficiency of the machine as a whole.

Of course, these functions of the laser cutting machine may one day be replaced by more practical and efficient functions. We will also convey a steady stream of knowledge to our customers, hoping that our customers can maximize the value of the laser cutting machine.

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