Medical industry in laser marking applications

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Medical industry laser marking used laser equipment has fiber laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine, part of the equipment will also use ultraviolet laser marking machine and green light and MOPA laser marking machine. The use of optical fiber and carbon dioxide laser marking machine is more in the drug packaging box, the use of UV laser marking machine is more in plastic or glass bottles, different laser marking machine is used in different materials, the effect is better, part of the material is in the marking can only choose other materials, For example, optical fiber laser marking machine can only choose UV or carbon dioxide laser marking machine for glass, optical fiber laser marking machine has no uv marking effect on plastic drug bottles, in order to better anti-counterfeiting, many drug manufacturers will choose UV laser marking machine.

Medical products marking purposes

Medical marks generally contain batch numbers, serial numbers or other identifying information to determine the production information of the product for later traceability. In addition, tagging can help solve the problem of counterfeit products. Many counterfeit products simply remove the label from the bottle and put a new label on it, but in reality, the medicine is not up to standard or the wrong content. Medical labelling should avoid this by marking medicines with unique serial numbers that are difficult to erase and copy.

Medical product marking requirements

Compared with other industries, medical products have higher requirements for marking. Some medical products, such as pills, are taken orally, while others, such as catheter stents, are put into the body, which requires that the label be free of contamination and other chemicals. In addition, the labeling surface is required to be smooth to avoid bacterial growth or tissue damage.


Laser marking brings benefits to the medical industry

Laser marking is physical removal processing, the product identification is not easy to wear, can not be changed, with strong anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness, easily realize "one medicine one code", for medical product manufacturers have brought great benefits. It is perfectly matched with the medical device product traceability system, which can maximize the safety and control of the product and avoid the phenomenon of product tampering.

Laser marking -- a new technology that will disrupt the medical industry

Application of laser marking in medicine

Laser coding equipment can easily carry out two-dimensional code and drug code marking on the drug box or drug packaging, to help trace the source of products, with authenticity and traceability. The drug regulatory code marked by laser helps the drug regulatory department to comprehensively monitor the process of production leaving the factory, circulation, transportation, savings and distribution.

Laser marking -- a new technology that will disrupt the medical industry

Application of laser marking in medical equipment

Using laser marking machine on stainless steel surgical and dental equipment and other medical equipment, easy to read, after countless disinfection and cleaning marks are still clearly visible, and can effectively prevent bacteria sticking to the surface of the equipment.

Laser marking -- a new technology that will disrupt the medical industry

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