【 Knowledge 】 The application of laser welding process in the industry

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【 Knowledge 】 The application of laser welding process in the industry

Due to the rapid development of modern science and technology, all walks of life is also more and more high to the requirement of product welding process, the traditional welding processing technology and equipment has been unable to meet the present situation, the emergence of the optical fiber laser welding in exactly solved this difficult problem, at the demand of the market is also more and more big, small make up today to summarize the application in various industries.

Application of laser welding technology in the field of electronic components

In the traditional welding process, there will be too high temperature and radiation on the welding surface, which will damage the electronic components themselves, cause the fracture of electronic components or poor contact, and affect the surrounding environment. Although these adverse effects can be solved by relevant means, but it will undoubtedly shorten the service life of electronic components, and even affect the normal follow-up work. From the current welding practice in China, laser welding has been widely used in the welding field of electronic components. Because laser welding process can carry out local small range of excellent characteristics of heating, but also can accurately control the local temperature of the welding parts of electronic components. In popular terms, the laser welding process can achieve a high average temperature in a small area, and does not adversely affect the surrounding area of the ideal state.

Application of laser welding technology in aluminum alloy welding

Laser welding technology is also widely used in aluminum alloy welding in automobile manufacturing industry. In the process of welding automobile related components, the way of side blowing protection gas is the most commonly used welding method, which can realize the all-round protection of automobile galvanized sheet. From the development practice of China's automobile manufacturing industry, aluminum alloy is a relatively common industrial material, which can play a role in car body corrosion and weight reduction. Therefore, in the engine, wheel, instrument panel and many other aspects, aluminum alloy materials are very widely used. Laser welding technology has a unique advantage in aluminum alloy welding, because it can achieve efficient protection of aluminum alloy materials. However, the application of laser welding technology in aluminum alloy welding practice also has some disadvantages, which are determined by the thermal properties of aluminum alloy itself. Although this feature can achieve effective protection of aluminum alloy components, but can not effectively avoid the splash pool, hole collapse and other common phenomena in the welding process.

Application of laser welding technology in magnesium alloy welding

In recent years, the automobile manufacturing industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and the manufacturing materials of automobile parts have gradually changed from aluminum alloy to magnesium alloy. Compared with aluminum alloy auto parts, magnesium alloy has the characteristics of light weight, and rigidity, strength, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and other properties have been improved and optimized. In addition, magnesium alloy can be recycled, the recycling effect is better, and the economic cost is low. The laser welding process can produce an oxide film in the welding area of magnesium alloy, which can realize the high efficiency protection of magnesium alloy. Not only in the automotive industry, but also in the aerospace industry, the wide use of magnesium alloy laser welding process has become the mainstream welding technology, because it can meet the complex requirements of the production and manufacturing of machine components used in aerospace, and can effectively reduce the weight of aircraft.

Research progress of laser welding technology

No matter from the domestic or foreign laser welding practice, the future laser welding technology research focus on the following three aspects: first, is the effective control of welding process. Secondly, it is the development and upgrade of laser. Finally, the dynamic monitoring of weld defects. In the second aspect, improving electro-optical conversion efficiency is the core content of laser research and development and upgrade, because the current laser structure in China is still very complex, how to achieve the improvement and upgrade of the internal structure and external performance of the laser is one of the important tasks at present. In the third aspect, because a single sensor technology can not meet the requirements of many complex inspection tasks, so in the future, it is necessary to further develop monitoring technology in the welding process, trying to fully combine various forms of sensor technology, and constantly improve the accuracy of the detection task.

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