How to use the laser marking machine?

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How to use the laser marking machine?

Now laser marking machines are more and more favored by various industries, and more and more people are beginning to understand and use laser marking machines. Because some incorrect operations will reduce the service life of the laser marking machine, but for people who have just started contacting the machine, they may not even be able to start the most basic operation. Although most manufacturers provide machine training, some do not provide training or are transferred to the position of operating laser marking machines and have not yet received training. The following will start to explain the basic operation of a laser marking machine. Right.

The following is a list of contents:

Boot process

Shutdown process

Normal maintenance of laser marking machine 



Boot tutorial

Check the waterway and circuit before turning on the machine. The boot sequence is:  


①Turn on the incoming line power and turn on the key switch. At this time, the air extraction and cooling system of the laser marking machine are energized, and the ammeter shows a value of about 7A.

②Wait for 5 to 10 seconds press the trigger button on the external control panel, the ammeter will display a value of zero, after 3 to 5 seconds, the krypton lamp will ignite and the ammeter will display a value of 7A.

③Turn on the galvanometer power supply of the laser marking machine.

④Turn on the computer and call up the required marking file. 

⑤Adjust the laser power to the working current (10~18A), and then you can start marking with the laser marking machine.   

Shutdown tutorial

After marking, turn off the power of each component in the above order:  ①Adjust the working current of the laser power supply to the minimum (about 7A);  ②Turn off the computer;  ③turn off the power supply of the galvanometer;  ④press the stop button;  ⑤turn off the key switch;  ⑥ Disconnect the incoming power supply of the laser marking machine.


Normal maintenance of laser marking machine 

1. Keep the water clean: the water is changed every 20 days on average, and the water tank must be cleaned up before changing the water.

2. Check whether the water flow is normal when starting up.

3. Circulating water is within a certain temperature range. (Generally set between 24℃~28℃, indoor temperature within 30℃)

4. The laser marking machine's  laser, sound off  Q switch crystal surface, beam expansion part, and focusing lens must be cleaned regularly.

5. Master the correct operation method of the laser marking machine.

6. After using the laser marking machine, clean and tidy up the work surface in time.

7. 6S management of laser marking machine after getting off work every day.


1. The sequence of turning on and off the laser marking machine must be correct.

2. The cooling system must be activated before the laser marking machine works. Because the fiber laser will generate a very high temperature when it is working, even if it is not cooled for two or three seconds, the laser tube will explode.

3. The laser power supply and the machine bed body must have good grounding protection, and the ground wire should be a special ground wireless than 4Ω. The necessity is: (1) to ensure the normal operation of the laser power supply, (2) to prolong the service life of the laser tube, (3) to prevent the machine jitter caused by external interference, and (4) to prevent accidental circuit damage caused by the high-voltage discharge.

4. The workplace should be spacious, because the desktop fiber laser marking machine is relatively large, and if the workplace is too small, it will easily collide with other objects.

5. Clean the fiber laser marking machine regularly. Since a lot of debris will be generated during the marking process, and the smoke generated will stain the fiber optic lens, the cleaning workbench and the optical lens should be cleaned regularly.

6. Do not operate blindly based on subjective awareness when you encounter places you don’t understand. If you don’t understand, you can ask the relevant technicians or refer to the instruction manual. The blind operation will shorten the service life of the fiber laser marking machine.

7. Appropriate temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, the range of 5-35°C is more appropriate. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to freeze the cooling water in the laser tube, and if the temperature is too high, it is unfavorable for cooling.


Under the daily maintenance and maintenance of the laser marking machine, the service life can be prolonged, and the application efficiency of the marking machine can be better realized through the structural design of the laser marking machine and the application of auxiliary devices. For the production line, you can also choose to use a laser marking machine to improve the production and processing efficiency of the product. Because the laser marking machine involves different fields, it has a certain effect on the design and manufacture of the equipment and the actual application effect. However, in general, the laser marking machine manufactured by professional manufacturers can realize the application effect of automatic control.

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