How to use a fiber laser marking machine?

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How to use a fiber laser marking machine?

Nowadays, fiber laser marking machines are more and more favored by various industries, and more and more people are beginning to understand and use fiber laser marking machines. Because some incorrect operations will reduce the service life of the fiber laser marking machine, but people who have just started contacting the machine, may not even be able to start the most basic operation. Although most manufacturers provide machine training, some do not provide training or are transferred to the position of operating fiber laser marking machine and have not yet received training, then let me start to explain fiber laser marking machine for everyone The basic operation.


The following is a list of contents:

Boot process

Shutdown process

Precautions for operation and use


Boot process

1. Turn on the external power supply of the laser marking machine.

2. Press the power switch of the computer.

3. Start the main control power supply of the fiber laser marking machine: turn the key switch clockwise, and the entire laser device can be started at this time.

4.Turn the emergency stop switch clockwise, and the whole fiber laser marking machine can operate normally.

5. Infrared indicating button switch, pressing the button START can simulate laser scanning with visible red light, which is convenient to determine the range and position of laser marking.

6. The galvanometer drive switch, the switch is turned ON, the galvanometer driver is turned on, and the Scan Power Alarm indicator light goes out.

7. Press the power switch on the HAN——S LASER starter, the laser head of the laser marking machine enters the working state. At this time, the power switch indicator light is on and then turn on the computer monitor.

8. Open the laser power box, press the power switch to the ON state, and then press the START button, the light is on, the instrument is normal, and finally, the current is adjusted. Turn the CURRENT button to adjust the current to 12-14A.

9. Place the product of the same height on the fiber laser marking machine, focus on the laser head, adjust the height of the arrow on the pole, when the laser dot has the brightest brightness and the loudest sound, it means the focusing effect is the best.

10. After entering the computer software operation interface, after effectively setting the marking files that need to be produced, prepare for production.


Shutdown process

1. After the marking production is over, save the marking file first, exit the software, then turn the CURRENT button to adjust the current of the power box GTDC2020S to 0A, press the stop button, the light is off; finally, turn the power switch to OFF to turn off the GTDC2020S power supply.


2. Turn off the power switch of the HAN——S LASER starter box to make the laser head stop working and the power indicator light goes out. The galvanometer drive switch (S-SWITCH), the switch is turned OFF, the galvanometer drive is off, and the Scan Power Alarm indicator light is on.


3. Infrared indication button switch (Red Indication), press the stop button to turn off the visible red light to simulate laser scanning.


4. Turn off the main control power of the laser marking machine, turn the key switch (LOCK) counterclockwise, and the whole machine is turned off at this time.


Precautions for operation and use

1.The operator needs to wear anti-laser eyes to operate the laser marking machine for marking. Do not stare into or touch the beam. Glasses and other parts of the body do not touch the laser or diffuse reflection laser output from the device, otherwise, it may cause blindness or burns;

2.Operators must wear dust masks correctly to avoid long-term inhalation of fine suspended particles or mist generated by laser marking.

3. It is forbidden to turn on the laser marking machine when the water level of the chiller is too low.

4. Persons who use pacemakers should not approach the equipment. The laser marking machine will generate magnetic fields when working, which will affect the normal operation of the pacemaker;

5. Keep the environment around the equipment dry, When the laser marking machine is not working, turn off the power and use one hand to operate the equipment as much as possible;

6. During the normal working period of the laser, no additional parts or items are allowed inside the marking machine. Do not use the marking system with the sealing cover open;

7. It is forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials and sundries around the laser marking machine.

8. It is forbidden for non-technical personnel to disassemble, repair, repair or modify the laser marking machine by themselves; non-operators are not allowed to enter the marking work area;

9. Do not damage the power cord and cables, and immediately turn off the power to stop operation when you smell the peculiar smell; in the event of a fire or explosion, be sure to cut off all power sources and use carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire;

The correct operation will ensure the service life of the fiber laser marking machine. The fiber laser marking machine is favored by consumers because of its convenient operation, wide application range, long service life, and high electro-optical conversion rate. Fiber laser marking equipment does not require any consumables such as ink, so it is clean, environmentally friendly, and economical marking equipment.

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