How to set up a laser cutting machine?

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How to set up a laser cutting machine?

For the first time to use the laser cutting machine, it is very important to master the method of setting up the laser cutting machine. Mastering the knowledge of setting up the laser cutting machine can not only guarantee their safety but also improve the work efficiency and prolong the life of the machine. This article will elaborate on how to operate the laser cutting machine from four aspects: working principle, specific operation methods, special tips, and precautions.

Here is the content list:

·Tool materials

·Operation method

·Hot tip

·Special notes


Tool materials

CAD software laser cutting system software

Computer cutting machine

Operation method


First of all, the computer needs to install CAD software and laser cutting system software and use CAD to draw the graphics that need to be processed and keep them.


Open the installed laser cutting machine system, and click the online button in the upper right corner to see if it can be connected with the machine (the machine needs to be started in advance).


Click the setting button to select the parameter setting of the laser cutting machine, and enter the controller parameter setting interface. Here, we need to set the movement, processing, and laser power.


After setting the parameters, you need to set the layer parameters. Click Online to cancel online. Click the layer to enter the cutting layer setting interface. Usually, you need to check 3 to 4 floors. The specific parameters of this layer need to be set according to the conditions of the laser cutting machine. The situation is different for different machines. The role of a layer is generally to cut the outer frame by two layers, cut the inner frame by one layer, and draw lines by one layer.


Open the interface, draw and maintain good graphics in the CAD software, and check whether the color of the graphics layer is the same as what we set.


After checking the laser cutting machine, use the mouse to select all the graphics, and then click the buttons on the right control panel in the following order: (automatically optimize, merge, reverse, merge, distance sort, sort to the end (select the outer frame for final Processing), online, device control, download the current file, confirm, cancel online).


After the completion of the above operation, the graphics programming on the computer is completed, and then we can process it on the machine.

Hot tip

The cutting layer set on the cutting system must be consistent with the CAD software layer.

To operate the laser cutting machine, the online connection must be canceled.

Special notes

1. Do not block the cold water pipe of the laser cutting machine.

A laser cutting machine will produce a lot of heat in the working process, blocking the cold water pipe can not make the cooling system work normally, which will cause danger.

The machine tool of the laser cutting machine must be strictly grounded.

This is a detail that many people easily ignore. Strictly grounding the laser cutting machine can ensure the normal operation of the laser power supply, prolong the service life of the laser tube, prevent external interference from causing the machine tool to jump, and prevent high-voltage discharge from occasionally causing circuit damage.

3. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine in thunder and lightning weather

Thunderstorm weather is often accompanied by thunder or strong current weather. This strong current may stop the laser cutting machine equipment and damage parts. Therefore, it should be avoided to start the machine in lightning weather.

A metal laser cutting machine equipment is usually more than 100000, so users need to strictly observe the correct operation steps when using the laser cutting machine equipment, strictly follow the application instructions provided by the manufacturer, and pay attention to maintenance, to make the service life of the equipment longer, make the performance of the equipment play the best state, and obtain higher economic value.

The above is how to set up the laser cutting machine. When setting the laser cutting machine, we must pay attention to the operation, pay attention to their safety, take good care of the machine, do not let the incorrect operation setting lead to machine failure or work errors.

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