How to choose the right laser welding machine?

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As people demand for the development of electronic products and, now high power portable electronic products into our life, is also more and more high to the requirement of product welding process, the traditional welding processing technology and equipment has been unable to meet the status quo, the emergence of the optical fiber laser welding machine in just solved this difficult problem, at the demand of the market is also more and more big, If the customer has not been exposed to this kind of product, it is inevitable that some dizziness and loss, then in the choice of automatic laser welding machine must consider what factors?

1, optical characteristics: spot size (laser rod diameter, fiber diameter and type, exit head parameters), focal plane height, depth of field, spot position, spot incidence Angle; Precise control, small focusing spot, high precision positioning, easy to realize automation;

2, control characteristics: feedback control mode, power waveform selection.

Laser average power: in the selection of fiber laser welding machine laser power waveform, generally speaking, under the condition of the input of the same laser energy, the wider the pulse width, the larger the welding spot; The higher the peak power of laser power waveform is, the deeper the weld spot is.

Laser peak power: the instantaneous power of the laser when the actual light is emitted. , laser peak power is equal to average power divided by duty cycle. Usually on the order of a few kilowatts.

Laser pulse energy: refers to the energy output by a single pulse. It is determined by the storage capacitor capacity, voltage and xenon lamp. This is an important indicator, in spot welding, the stability of single point energy has a great impact on the welding quality.

1. Pulse width: the time of single pulse to achieve better welding quality;

2. Pulse frequency: the number of repeated laser pulses per second, to achieve high precision and high welding;

Now the manufacturer will generally provide free proofing, the product will be brought in the past or sent in the past, the sample made directly, to see if you can achieve their desired effect. Remind you to buy equipment when please pay attention to whether manufacturers direct sales, to ensure the quality of after-sales service.

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