Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine
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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Handheld laser welding machine :Its main parts include Laser source, laser light, laser bar, laser pump cavity, optical resonator, cooling system, optical fiber cable and laser welding head.
Machine Size:
Package size:
Package Net/Gross weight:
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  • INFNI-FHW-1500


Product Description:

The handheld laser welding machine is a new type of welding method, mainly for the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, sealing welding, etc., the width of the weld is small, the heat affected zone is small, Small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful welding, no need to handle or simple treatment after welding, high quality of welding seam, no porosity, precise control, small focus photoelectricity, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation.



1. The welding speed is fast, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding. One machine can save at least 2 welders a year.

2. The operation mode of the handheld welding gun head enables the workpiece to be welded at any position and at any angle.

3. No need for welding table, small footprint, diversified welding products, and flexible product shapes.

4. Low welding cost, low energy and low maintenance cost.

5. Beautiful welding seam: the welding seam is smooth and beautiful without welding scars, the workpiece is not deformed, and the welding is firm, reducing the follow-up grinding process, saving time and cost.

6. No consumables: laser welding without welding wire requires less consumables, longer life, safer and more environmentally friendly.


Welding penetration

Laser Power

Stainless Steel

Carbon steel

Galvanized sheet









1. Technical Parameter



Laser Source Optical Parameters

Laser source

Raycus RFL-C1500

Work Model


Average output Power (W)


Laser Wavelength(nm)


Output Power Stability


Output Parameters

Fiber Core Diameter(um)

25/50/100 Optional

BBP(mm. m rad)


Electronic Control Characteristics

Power Supply

380V±10% 3P+PE

Control Model

External RS232/AD

Whole machine power


Packaging details

Machine size


Net weight/Gross weight


Packaging size

Wooden package/1500*800*1450mm

2. Main parts

Handheld fiber laser welding machine INFNI-FHW-1500 is used to weld metal plates and metal


Fiber Laser Welding is a welding technology used to join several metal components with

fiber laser. Fiber laser produces a beam of high-intensity that is concentrated into one spot.

This concentrated heat source enables fine, deep welding and high welding speed.

Handheld laser welding machine :Its main parts include Laser source, laser light, laser bar,

laser pump cavity, optical resonator, cooling system, optical fiber cable and laser welding


1. Laser source Raycus 1500W

1). 100,000 hours of lifetime, free maintenance;

2). High electro-optical conversion efficiency (up to 25-30%), excellent beam quality,

3). High energy density, and reliability, a wide modulation frequency;

4). Low energy consumption, only 20%-30% of the traditional CO2 machine.

2. Welding head Wobble Head

1). Wobble laser head can be widely used in complex and irregular products.

2). Smart internal design and good interactive control system expand the tolerance range of machining parts and the width of welding seam, solve the disadvantage of small spot and better weld forming.

3). Lightweight shape, comfortable grip; One hand easy to control, easy to use the operation.

4). Various Angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding requirements of different products.

3. Wire feeding

1). Auto wire feeding handheld welding machine can weld parts with wider gap.

2). With a 8-15m fiber line, It can weld long-distance and large-area parts.

3). Various welding processes, such as spot welding, seam welding and overlap welding.

4. laser operate button

5. Cooling system

Double temperature dual control, better cooling effect

6. Control board

Color touch screen operation is simpler

7. optical fiber cable

standard length is 10 m

fiber cable

Consumable accessories

Welding nozzles

Protect lens

3. Handheld fiber laser welding machine photo details

4. Application

Mainly used for plastic mold of S136, SKD-11, NAK80, 8407, 718, 738, H13, P20, W302, 2344 mold steel, carbon steel, common alloy steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, copper and extremely hard alloy material, Casting mold, forging die, stamping die, die casting molds. Widely used in mobile phones, digital products, automobiles and motorcycles and other mold manufacturing and molding industry.



After the machine reach the buyer’s site, seller’s engineers are responsible for machine installation and commissioning by using the special tools under the help of the buyer. And then start training the workers. The buyer will be responsible for the round-trip air tickets, accommodation, safe in buyer’s country.


The common protection knowledge of laser safety

The basic principle of laser module and the structure of laser cutting machine

The operation skills of fiber laser cutting machine

Equipment operation and the application notice

Skills of equipment daily maintenance, laser module adjustment and spare parts replacement. Training time is about 5 to 10 days.

After sales service

3 year’ warranty for the whole machine Life-long maintenance

Within the warranty period, if the machine breaks down or some parts damaged(Except the human factors and the factors of force majeure),seller should be responsible for repair for free. If the parts need to be replaced seller will provide spare parts for free(except the wearing parts).

After the warranty period expired, the buyer only needs to pay the actual maintenance cost.

OEM Service

Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our abundant experiences.

All the OEM services are free, customer only need to provide us with your logo drawing, function requirements, colors etc.

No MOQ required.

Top laser Technology will pay a return visit for all customers for several times one year, and will provide technical supporting service and spare parts anytime.

After sales service response time

quick response within 8 working hours, after receive the repair call, our after sales engineer will reply as soon as possible.



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