Characteristics and application of flying laser marking machine

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Characteristics of flying laser marking machine:

1. It is required that the coding content should not be too complicated, otherwise, the marking speed will be affected;

2. Directly cooperate with the assembly line to reduce loading and unloading manpower, and operators can avoid harsh production environment;

3. Automatic production, improved efficiency;

4. Fast coding speed, improve output.

Applicable materials and industrial applications of flying laser marking machine:

Drug flying laser marking machine, food packaging flying laser marking: pharmaceutical factory, food factory milk packaging, etc.

Tobacco flying laser marking machine, wine industry, mineral water laser marking: cigarette batch number, mineral water production date batch number, etc.

Flying laser marking machine for daily necessities: shampoo batch number, etc.

Wire laser marking, building materials flying laser marking machine: wire label, etc.

Food laser marking machine effect.

Laser marking machine is a kind of honest type of body, can only be sprayed on static objects marking, resulting not only in the production of energy waste, as well as in the production of personnel also have serious repeat state work. The current flying laser marking machine not only brings prospects for industrial efficiency, but also has the function of saving people and time and energy. In order to carry out the process of coding and marking, the products in the industry are presented in the assembly line and flow on the production line, and then the efficiency of industrial production is effectively improved, and the operation efficiency of production is also effectively increased.

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