Can the laser cutting machine be used indoor?

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Can the laser cutting machine be used indoor?

Laser cutting machines can be used indoors, but as a dangerous tool, the location of the laser cutting machine should be managed as a dangerous area.

In the actual use process of laser cutting machines, the working environment is also a major factor affecting their processing speed. After a long time, it will also affect the service life of the laser cutting equipment, but these are often ignored by customers, and the fiber laser cutting machine is placed in a "hard" environment. This article will elaborate on how to use a laser cutting machine from the aspects of environmental requirements, skillful use of laser cutting machine indoors, and precautions for indoor use.

Here is the content list:

Environmental requirements

Skillful use of laser cutting machine indoors

Precautions for indoor use

Environmental requirements

First point: temperature

Only under constant temperature conditions, can the normal operation and processing accuracy of the equipment be guaranteed. The working temperature of the semiconductor in the cutting machine is required to be below 40 ~ 45 ℃. When the room temperature reaches 35 ℃, the internal temperature of the electrical cabinet can reach above 40 ℃. When the room temperature is too high, the failure rate of the numerical control system will increase. Therefore, to make the system work well, the working temperature should not exceed 35 ℃.

Second point: humidity

The relative humidity of the cutting machine working environment is generally less than 75%. Because in the high temperature and humidity of the cutting machine after a power failure, the water molecules in the air will produce condensation on the power supply or the circuit board of the driving device. When it works again, the condensation on the circuit board causes a short circuit, which leads to machine failure.

Third point: voltage

The large fluctuation of power supply voltage will lead to under voltage or over voltage alarm of laser cutting machine, and even data loss. Therefore, the voltage is generally required to be within the range of the rated working value ± Within 10%.

In addition, if the electric cabinet is not closed properly, dust will enter the electric cabinet and deposit on the circuit board or module, which will cause damage to electrical components, especially high-voltage components. Therefore, when the equipment works, it is required to be equipped with good dust removal equipment.

Fifth point: ground wire

The normal operation of the equipment must have good grounding.

Skillful use of laser cutting machine indoors

1. In laser cutting machine equipment, the protective lens of the laser cutting head is inspected once a day. When the collimator or focus lens needs to be removed, record the removal process, especially pay attention to the installation direction of the lens, and do not install it wrong;

2. Before turning on the power supply of the water cooler, check the water level of the water cooler. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the water cooler when there is no water or the water level is too low, to avoid damage to the water cooling equipment. The water inlet and outlet pipes of the water cooler shall not be squeezed or trampled to keep the waterway smooth;

3. The operator of the laser cutting machine or the personnel approaching the laser during the use of the laser should wear appropriate laser protective glasses and protective clothing. In the area where the protective glasses are worn, there must be good indoor light to ensure the smooth operation of the operator.

4. When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing wires, water pipes, and air pipes to avoid electric leakage, water leakage, and air leakage. The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with the supervision regulations for gas cylinders.

5. Daily maintenance must be carried out, regular statistics of the use of the machine, for each part of the fiber laser cutting machine regularly adhere to the record, if the effect is not good, timely replacement, to prevent trouble; For example, when parking for a long time, please apply grease on the moving parts of the machine tool and wrap the antirust paper. For other parts, regularly check whether there is rust, remove rust and antirust the rusty parts, and regularly clean and inspect the machine tool.

Precautions for indoor use

When the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave the post or entrust someone to manage it. If it is necessary to leave, the operator shall shut down or turn off the power switch.

Keep the fire extinguisher within easy reach; Turn off the laser or shutter when not processing; Do not place a paper, cloth, or other flammable materials near the unprotected laser beam.

If any abnormality is found in the process of processing, stop the machine immediately, remove the fault in time, or report to the supervisor.

Although the laser cutting machine can be used indoors, it must pay attention to the environmental requirements and operation requirements, and operate in strict accordance with the safe operation process to ensure its safety and smooth use.


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