Cable industry mark why use online flying CO2 laser marking machine?

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Cable industry mark why use online flying CO2 laser marking machine?

Infinite (wuhan) laser S&T CO. LTD to provide customers with 24 hours on duty pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system, engineers point to point training, maintenance, and equipment failure repair, process debugging support. Establish a complete user profile, regular return visit, customer satisfaction survey. Provide economical technical solutions, laser laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser inkjet machine, laser tin welding machine: laser has replaced the past traditional manual printing, voltage, pressure printing and inkjet printing, computer engraving, corrosion (etching) and other processes; The craft is well made, the mark is clear and eye-catching, the wear resistance is strong, the mark can be retained. Usually used in a variety of food, beverage, packaging laser jet code logo, production date, pattern, bar code, two-dimensional code, letters, patterns, text, logo, graphics, images, dot matrix, etc.


Cable industry mark why use online flying CO2 laser marking machine advantages:

1. Convenient operation

Cable laser inkjet printer is controlled by computer software and can be used after simple training. Without consumables, can realize automatic feeding, automatic marking, automatic storage, save manpower.

2. Permanent marking

Cable laser jet printer is the use of light energy into heat energy on the surface of the workpiece ablative principle to form a mark, so the mark is not easy to fade gradually due to the influence of external factors, it is a permanent mark, can resist some illegal businesses fake, shoddy and string goods.

3. Exquisite processing

Laser processing precision is high, the use of software mapping, can quickly draw and generate a variety of words and graphics, can realize the product fine marking, effectively reduce the defective rate of wire and cable product processing, has an important role in the quality improvement of wire and cable.

4. Safety and environmental protection

Cable laser jet printer without any additives, will only produce a small amount of smoke, the first time the smoke is absorbed by the smoke purifier, fully meet the national environmental protection requirements.

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