CO2 UV Fiber flying Laser printing control system
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CO2 UV Fiber flying Laser printing control system

YX-01 Laser printing control system
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  • YX-01


YX-01 Laser printing control system operation manual


 1.Painting interface            


1.1 File operation





Save as




create a new file


Into hibernation, then click the screen to wake up. (Note: it is not off state)






Laser control card related parameter setting.



1.2 Zoom bar



Zoom in the contents of the view area


Reduce the size of the view area


Revert to the view's original area



Enter the system settings interface


Start red light, preview the graphics.



1.3 Toolbar

 Make tools



Click the text to select text, time, date, serial number and other new.


PLT vector file import


Barcode generation tools


Edit barcode attributes


Text content editing




Edit page object list


Coding delete, copy, copy files by clicking on the management.



Operating tools




rotate to the left


rotate to the left


Move up


Move Downward


move to the left


move to the right




  Select graphics, click copy, then click on the blank space, copy the same graphics.


Multiple choice graphics


Select all graphics


Fill the graphic settings




Scale bar



Height adjustment


Width adjustment


Character radian adjustment


Lock solution or open, corresponding to the same regulation xy, and were adjusted.


Adjust the accuracy of the operation




1.4  Object list


Conversion functionWhen some texts overlap or a text is not in the view areaclick conversion button into the area where the text is in and select the text. 

1.5 Text editing sub interface


Text editing interface: Text content display, text segment list, function keys.


Text content display bar: Displays the list of input texts.


Font selection:


Font height, spacing, line spacing, coordinate center information editing: 



Function keys:

: Insert fixed text.


Insert the date text.


Insert time text.


: Insert the serial number text.


:  Insert txt file.


: Edit serial communication files.


: Edit shift information file.


:Use the line feed button to edit multi-segment text, use the text to select a line feed, and click the linefeed button.

:Cancel the newline.

:The selected text segment moves up.

:The selected text segment moves down.

:Modify the currently edited text segment

:Delete the currently edited text segment.


:Save the current edited text, and exit the current interface


Cancel the current edit text, exit the current interface.


Keyboard input method:


Enable English capital input.

:Enable English input.

Enable pinyin input.

: Enable figures, punctuation input.

1.3 Font preview selection interface

Font preview selection interface, you can preview the font selection font is asfollows:

 Select the file in the drawing interface, click the Font icon, enter the font library.



1.6  date editor sub-interface 


The system supports multiple formats of date and time, the list box lists the date of various formats to choose from, if the user needs to set their own format, first select a column, and then click edit to modify their format.

Date Offset: How many days to offset from the current time. If the current time is 2014/7/28, enter 2

Time content will become 2014/7/30.


1.7  serial number editing sub interface 


Digit:    digit of serial number. For input  3then the content of serial number is XXX. The system default is 3 digits. Original value: original value of serial number.

Step size directionused in setting counting sequences. for example 1 represents the increment of  1-1 represents the decrement of 1.

Current value: The value of the current to paint.

Fill: input number fill character. The default value is zero fill characters. for example, the fill is 0current value is 1then the painting result is 001.

Stop valueThe final painting number.

Repeat: The number of repeat numbersThe default value is 0which represents the number of painting is 1. The value is 1which represents the number of painting is 2.

duplicate value: Representing how many times the number painting. User can set the value and restart.

Cycle: checked represent the painting is over and restart painting.

Cancel the prefixBanning the use of filling symbols. for example, edit a  three digit number 000, after checking cancel the prefixthe value of painting become 0.


1.8  Save file interface 


When creating the document text, you need to tick the text box.

Click the Browse button to select the desired txt file. Currently only supports * .txt format text file.

The end of the file to start again: Coding code to the end of the file, will read the beginning of the file coding.

End of the file to stop marking: Coding to the last line of the file will not start over.

Start line: start from the current line Coding, Coding can also be used before the query for progress.

1.9 Save file interface

 By selecting the top button,user can save file in the internal storage,SD card,USB storage.


1.91 Code39 editing sub interface

Code39 is consist of Arabic numerals. Interface is mainly aimed at the width of the barcode height and margin Settings. The margin in the case of reverse is effective. In order to bring out, some color material need to select reverse painting.


1.92  Code128 setting sub interface


Code128 possess character setA,B,CA character set is for Numbers, uppercase letters, and some special characters. B character set include digital, lowercase letters, and some special characters. C only include digital character set, but compress coding width. It is recommended to use the Auto, which is optimal compression bar code.


1.93  QR setting sub interface

QR codeis consist of mask, model, error correction. Bitmap print QR code currently supported.

Cell Width:    A unit takes up a square side length.

Proportional CircleIn the area of occupied by printing.

Outer Ring Number:  In reverse, the outer ring takes up the number of turns.

Count:            The number of painting small round.        


Printing interface


Button Description:


Start button, there must be a text segment, click on the effective


 Printing , otherwissse button action is prohibited.


:Manual printing button. In the code running state, click the code button. click once at a time.

:Control card related parameters Settings.

: get rid of the serial number count.Adjust the content of working conditions

Adjust the parameters under working conditions


2.1 control card Settings interface

   2.2.1Printing parameters

Jumper Speed: The galvanometer rotational speed when jumping.

Mark   Speed: The galvanometer rotational speed when bright dipping

PowerLaser output power when printing. The greater the power, the deeper the dozen.

Frequency:     Laser light frequency. The greater the frequencythe better The consistency of line.

Laser On Delay: Adjust system by starting movement until the end of the laser with time lagTime is too short - line beginning place without markingTime is too long - line at beginning of marking is too heavy.

Laser Off DelayAdjust the system at the end of the laser, movement to the end of timeTime is too long - line ends of marking is too heavyTime is too short - line ends place without marking

PoloygonAdjusting system When turn the time lag ofTime is too short - Angle becomes arc shape.  Time is too long - corner will marking is too heavy

Matrix DelayWhen selecting a bitmap fonts, delay time of each printing point. the longer the time, the more heavy the marking

Set  Default:   Set the default printing parameters, click save

Use  Default:    export the default parameters had been set up


2.2.2Assembly line


Assembly line direction: there are two set of assembly line direction At present:from left to right or from right to left. If encounter in the Y direction , it can be solved by axis transformation.

flight parameters with encoder and  flight parameters (simulated flight) without encoder.

SimulationCheck represents the flight mode without encoder. Otherwise, represent external encoders

Velocity(mm/s)Running speed of belt pulley. For example, 1000 represents running speed of 1000mm/s.

For example, the running speed of belt pulley is 20m/min, then converted to 1 s for 667 mm/s.

mm/plus:  the length of Each pulse unit is mm

Diameterdiameter of the scroll

Pulse Count:    One revolution of the encoder pulse number.

CalculateAccording to the current pulse number, diameter to calculate the product value when clicked.

Encoder Test:  display the number of pulses of encoder .


2.2.3optical paramete


XY Axis transformchange the physical output.

  X aixs inversion:  the mirror of X axis .

  Y aixs inversionthe mirror of Y axis.


  sizeThe size range output of the output field 70mm represents 70x70.

  rectThe size of a square output for debugging.


Correction includes bucketrhombus trapezoidand proportion correction.

proportion correction generally is ok in the printing machine. The method of proportion correction as follows:

1, Set the size in focal length size interface

2, Set the size of marking the square to 20mm.

3, Enter the code interfaceCheck the square in advanced options interface.

4, Start printing, print the square.

5, Measuring the square X, Y axis length are 25,25, respectively, then The proportion coefficient of the X axis is 20/25, The proportion coefficient of the Y axis is 20/25




Laser Settings include optical fiber and CO2 laser.

CO2 laser settings include first pulse preionization and inhibition. The first pulse suppression is in the presence of focused

IPG laser settings include startup latency and frequency limits.


2.2.5external triggering


External trigger must be checked on the software to take effect.

There are two kinds of external trigger delay model: Time delay and pulse delay. Can not choose the pulse mod without encoder

notice1000000us is equal to 1second.

2.2.6Printing mode


Pipeline: In the mode of production or cablethe pipeline mode need to be checked.

Pipeline distance:  How many mm every printing again.

start point of long character : In the case of characters long flightthe starting point of the galvanometer is in middle position coordinates. The deviation can be modified by setting the starting position.

Use SquareOnly for the printing square and other text are ignored when selected.  mainly used for size and the number of product testing.

3. setting interface

3.1 system setting interface

Date/time:Adjust the system time .

correction of touching screenCorrection of touch screen function. If the touch screen is not accurate, enter the calibration interface to recalibrate.

file managementThe code file to delete, copy, copy by clicking on the file management to enter.

version:    Check the system software version, convenient maintenance

update:    Update Software.

Startup Picture user can update their boot LOG.


4system setting.

4.1 System initialization.


1. Choose the right type of laser. setting interface-control card-laser.

2. Set the size of the optics. set-optics- Focal length size interface.

3. Detection of X, Y axis is correct or not. Editing a text”ABC, then set correctly in optics-axis transformation

5.2 Normal flight initialization Settings

1. First, check or uncheck simulated flight and uncheck the encoder. setting-control card-marking on the fly

2. Set the size of the marking on the square. set-optics- Focal length size interface.

3. Check the squareIn the printing interface of advanced options.

4. Choose the direction of the pulleyFrom left to right or from right to left. In the printing interface of advanced options.

5. Select normal flight. In the printing interface of advanced options.( If have a photoelectric, select external trigger)

6.printingAccording to the square of the closed situation, adjust the product number or simulation speed. set-control- marking on the fly.

If square overlap is more, the accumulation and simulation speed decrease. If the square is not closed, the accumulation and simulation speed decrease

5.3 use of the long characters.

1. First, adjust simulation speed and product according to 5.2

2. Editing a text or a few piece of text. Text content can be present within the scope of the mirror, can also be outside the scope.

3. choose long flight characters In the printing in the advanced options. in the process of printingadjust the starting position of the characters if not gush out. set-control card- Long character starting position. adjust the spacing between characters if speed is too fast.

5.4 use of meter mark.

1.First, adjust simulation speed and product according to 5.2

2.Create a text as shown below (Contains the serial number and fixed character "m"): 

3.Enter the printing interfacechoose long flight characters. Then select the assembly line direction.

4. Enter the set interfacepipeline mode of marking mode in control card setting. Pipeline spacing is 1000mm

5. Enter the printing interfaceThe status bar displays as follows:

6. Start printing.



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